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Marketing Analysis Marketing Mix Essay - 2135 Words

The definition of ‘marketing’ is widely debated among numerous professionals within the industry, The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines the concept as ‘the management process responsible for anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’ whereas Kotler and Armstrong define marketing more simply as ‘managing profitable customer relationships’. Fullerton and Mers go into more depth and consider how the idea of marketing is presented when in the context of the sporting industry, they believe ‘sports marketing consists of all activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports consumers through exchange processes’. There are various formats of the marketing mix in circulation, it is essentially a set of considerations taken into account by business orientated organisations, including professional sports clubs, so that they can operate at optimum efficiency whilst attempting to achieve their particular market objective(s). The extended version of the marketing mix consists of; Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. It is called the Marketing Mix because each element will be used in different combinations depending upon the needs and characteristics of a particular market. External economic influences, changes in consumer behaviour and emerging technologies will cause the mix to be adapted in response to change. The ‘Product’ aspect refers to the actual good presented to the consumer, whether that be tangible orShow MoreRelatedMarketing Mix and Pestle Analysis of Mcdonalds in India3095 Words   |  13 Pagesafter the western operations in India.    The taste of the Chicken burger that one from Bangalore will be similar to that in Delhi if the point of purchase is Mc Donald. Mc Donald has become an integral part of today’s Indian metros.    PESTLE ANALYSIS    Pestle analysis is the done to analyze the macro environmental factors of a company or Industry.      Political Factors    The operation of any international company would be influenced by the local regional policy and rules. Similarly Mc Donald’s India isRead MoreMarketing Mix Analysis, And s Growth Matrix3309 Words   |  14 Pagesaddress and highlight strategies such as: Porters five forces, Marketing mix analysis, and Ansoff s growth matrix. These strategies are all useful tools companies use in order to become better companies and increase sales. At the end I will state my opinions on the company Beats. Table of Contents I. Executive Summary Page 3 II. Introduction Page 5 III. Main Features IV. Porter Five Forces Analysis a. Industry Competition b. Threat of Potential Entrants c.Read MoreSwot Analysis : Marketing Mix Strategy1227 Words   |  5 Pagesrate. (Tootelian et al, 2012 ABS, 2011). Marketing Mix Strategy. The marketing mix is the usual ways of controlling, planning marketing equipment’s that an organisation or a company uses to produce a reasonable and desirable reply from its target market (Gronroos, 1994). The marketing mix strategy comprises of whatever influences demand that a company want to do in order to generate production. It is a very crucial instrument that help in marketing planning systems and performance (Cousins, 1991)Read MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix1682 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing Analysis: Marketing Mix is the set of tactical marketing tools that can be blended by an organization to establish strong positioning in the targeted market. An effective marketing program blends each marketing mix element into an integrated marketing program designed to achieve the company’s marketing objectives by delivering values to consumers. [1] Figure 1: Marketing activities covered under four P’s [2] Product: Quality: Coca Cola was formulated in 1886 by John Permberton, a pharmacistRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix1628 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing mix is one of the most frequently marketing tool that company use to launch and promote its products. 4Ps associated with the marketing mix which are product, price, place and promotion. IKEA used the marketing mix to describe the essential elements of a marketing strategy. It is important to IKEA because it can help to determine the suitability of the product or service for a particular consumer base. Product Product is the first variable in marketing mix because product decisions areRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix2079 Words   |  9 Pages3.0 Marketing Strategy 3.1 Marketing Mix The portion of Strabucks marketing is reflecting the social aspects of their customers, while the other portion is focused on rebranding of their locations. Starbuck s marketing mix(4P s) indicates the importance of this marketing tool as a way to ensure that the firm promotes the right product at the right place and with right pricing. 3.1.1 Product/Service The customers demand Starbucks to be innovative. Starbucks is focusing on the food side ofRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix1061 Words   |  5 PagesMARKETING MIX ANALYSIS 1. Product Our brand name is Unique Scent and the product we are offering is customized perfume. We offer premium quality, using the best European ingredients and raw materials. Here is our brand mark – The store offers over 50 exclusive pure essences of fragrance to choose from, that gives cus-tomers unique possibility to experience creating their own perfume. It is possible to test entire product range in the store to create personal scent. The fragrance notes are asRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay2245 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Marketing plays a more and more important part in people’s daily lives. It’s hard to give a specific describe for marketing, but it does influence each people’s daily life even not everyone has a sense of marketing. It connects customer with business, its final purpose is making both customers and companies happy. As companies should realize people’s need and make their product have value for customers, they may figure out what’s customers’ expectation, how to make the design, qualityRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay1896 Words   |  8 Pages Marketing mix are the set of marketing tools that firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. The various variable of the marketing mix : 1. PRODUCT MIX 2. PRICE MIX 3. PLACE MIX 4. PROMOTION MIX Promotion is the important element of marketing mix. Promotion is related with all steps taken to provide information about a product to the customer. It is a common mistake to believe that promotion by business is all about advertising. There are a variety of approaches thatRead MoreMarketing Mix Strategy And Analysis1387 Words   |  6 Pagesstores available in all prime location near to all amenities and public can reach their easily. Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis [Introduction] Marketing Plays a vital role in a business, because of marketing the business can offer their offerings and to their customers and provides the services. Marketing is a combination of 4 P’s which are Product, Prize, Place and promotion, to Analysis the marketing of this business, I am explaining the points are given below, which helps to understand the business

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Illegal Immigrants A Big Problem With Illegal Immigration

In the United States of America, there is a big problem with illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is an enormous issue that during the 2016 presidential primary debates. It was a problem when President Obama took office eight years ago, and it is an even greater problem now that he is getting ready to leave office. Most Americans want the border closed, but that will only solve half the problem. The other half of the problem can be solved by deporting the illegal immigrants that are already in the United States. Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs. Therefore, negatively affecting the economy. Furthermore, they have a higher crime rate than the average U.S. citizen. Yet, supporters view illegal immigrants as a good thing because it helps grow the economy by doing jobs nobody else will do. Besides helping the economy, supporters believe that illegal immigrants are not criminals and will not do any more harm than coming into the country illegally. Most U.S. citizen believe that the U.S. immigration policy needs to be reformed. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in the United States because they take away U.S. jobs, they negatively affect the economy, and contribute to crime. Eliminating illegal immigrants from the United States would help improve jobs in the country. Illegal immigrants take jobs from the American people. In the article The Economic Collapse it mentions that â€Å"The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data, illegalShow MoreRelatedThe Issue of Illegal Immigration in the US1087 Words   |  5 Pages Americans today, know that there is a problem with illegal immigration. Everyday many illegal immigrants cross the borders. There are between twelve and twenty million illegal immigrants in America. (â€Å"Scary Immigration Statistics† 1) The U.S. should make all illegal immigrants register or deport them to their original countries. The U.S. should also make a program so that the immigrants can get a li cense for legality. If the immigrants do not want to cooperate, then they cannot be in America. TheRead MoreAmerican Immigration Entropy : The Land Of Opportunity And The Nation Of Immigrants996 Words   |  4 PagesCherub Ravoori. Eng 102- 050. Daniel Listoe. Draft 1, 10- x-15 â€Å"American Immigration Entropy† Stars and stripes, the land of opportunity and the nation of immigrants. The United States of America, one of the largest and most influential countries today, is and always has been a grand attraction to people all over the world. America has become home to people from all corners on this planet; especially to Europeans seeking wealth and religiousRead More Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America Essays1048 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration Needs to be Restricted in America Illegal immigration will cost the United States $280 billion dollars from 1995-2004. And that only counts for the immigrants that enter this country illegally. What of the legal immigrants that come to the United States and find it harder than they thought it would be? Most of these immigrants just go on welfare. Legal immigrants participate in 20.7 percent of all welfare programs while native citizens only participate in 14.1 percent (Borjas).Read MoreThe Growing Problem Of Illegal Immigration871 Words   |  4 Pages2016 The Growing Problem of Illegal Immigration Every year, millions of immigrants pour into the United States illegally. Are there any possible solutions to this trend? Immigrants cross the border either by the means of, swimming, using fake documents or by the means of using work visas. â€Å"Nearly half of the 12 million-plus illegal aliens in America arrived legally with non-immigrant visas,† said David Seminara, a tenured member of the U.S. Foreign Service (Illegal Immigration). Usually afterRead MoreIllegal Immigration Essay1018 Words   |  5 PagesPreston Lorenz Period C 5/17/13 Immigration Essay Almost all of us can say we are children of immigrants. Either our great grandparents or grandparents came to America for a better life. We know that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are the symbols of that great dream that so many sought so many years ago. During a visit to Ellis Island last summer I learned that during the early 1900’s we encouraged immigration because it was a time when our country’s territory had grown and we neededRead MoreImmigration During The United States1078 Words   |  5 Pagesof Americans growing each day, but also the number of illegal aliens. While immigrants brought a mass variety of races and culture to the U.S., only recently has it become a bigger, more illegal problem. Change needs to happen with this problem for it is illegal and the country knows what is happening. While immigration has been with the U.S. from the very beginning, it’s becoming worse with every year. In order to understand illegal immigration, one must first know the laws and background. â€Å"The UnitedRead MoreEssay on Why should the U.S have border patrol?1611 Words   |  7 PagesPatrol: Why should the U.S have border patrol? Illegal immigrants have always been a problem in the United States for some time now. â€Å"In October 2008, the illegal immigrant population stood at 11.9 million according to the Pew Hispanic Center† (Illegal Immigration Facts Statistics†). An efficient border patrol in our country would be a good step in the right direction to stop illegal immigration and the effect it has on our country. Illegal immigrants are at fault for such things as smuggling drugsRead MoreNuclear Crisis 2016 Essay990 Words   |  4 PagesProblems the United States is Facing in 2017 According to the article from CNN, â€Å"North Korea Nuclear Timeline Fast Facts,† the North Koreans just launched a missile that caused a 6.3 magnitude seismic event to occur, this was ten times more deadly than the missile launched on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War Two (â€Å"North Korea Nuclear Timeline Fast Facts†). Three issues Americans face in 2017 are the rising tensions with North Korea, illegal immigration, and human trafficking in the United StatesRead MoreEssay On Immigration In The United States1415 Words   |  6 PagesImmigration in the United States Sydney McCaleb Immigration in the United States has become a controversial topic lately and part of the bigger picture is whether illegal immigration has gotten out of hand or if it is a good thing for the United States. While these concerns of illegal immigration are important, it is also equally important to not have a one-sided view on the topic. It is important to see all sides and see why one side believes it is bad and the other believes it is good. As of 2016Read MoreWhat Is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country?1097 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country? Illegal immigration is a controversial topic discussed in our country everyday. An illegal immigrant is anyone who has illegally crossed some kind of border whether it is by land, water, or air. These people are undocumented, unauthorized and unnaturalized people. In America’s case, these immigrants usually come from the south where the neighboring countries such as Cuba and Mexico reside. Some also come from Canada, but it is not too common. Should

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Mandatory Military Service Essay Free Essays

As many other countries mandate young adults partaking in the military for two years, the United States should follow suit. Many beneficial consequences would be rendered as a result of the increase in service. This would also be a great commencement into the real world for any young adult. We will write a custom essay sample on Mandatory Military Service Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now These statements can be explored by discussing the benefits of free college tuition, disciplined young adults who are ready to follow orders, and the sheer power of numbers. One exceptional perk of joining the military would be free college tuition. This would allow the students who have not excelled as fast as others a doorway to achieve their full potential. This would also benefit the United States as a whole country. Along with expanding the population of the military, this would also increase the knowledge of the United States. In theory, the educated veterans would make the military more powerful, efficient, and more intelligent overall. The United States would stand superior in any conflict to other nations. The availability of free education would also stimulate the economy in the long run. This is evident because the more educated the people are, the better jobs they would occupy. As a result, they would make more money and therefore have access to spend more money. The more money that they have means that they would be adding to the economy. Taking two short years out of someone’s life to help serve their country and set them up for success later in life is not a bad trade. If the United States installed the mandate for service, young adults will look back and be thrilled that they have done what they’ve done and are where they are because of the foundations the military setup early in life. Some people argue that young adults will not take advantage of the opportunity set before them. Does this seem counterproductive for the young adults not to enroll in the free secondary education? No! If the young adult does not want to better themselves, what makes people think they would want to better their country? These people are better left to fill in the roles unoccupied at the bottom of corporate ladders. Another benefit of mandating the service of young adults is that they would be disciplined and setup for success in life as a productive citizen of the United States. Military boot camp is designed to break the recruit down to where they are not better than any other recruit, and then they train them to do their best in every task they approach. This creates unrivaled discipline and extreme excellence in every operation the United States military executes. Not only will this be useful while in military service, but also when they begin to operate in the working world. This requirement will unify the working force as a result of the mandated service. Businesses will be able to work efficiently and accurately in all that they accomplish. Again, this will improve the United States as a country. Why would the United States refuse this mandate? The only reason would be that they bring the law down to the lowest denominator of the few people who argue with the benefits. These people might say that not all people are designed to be in the military. However, the military has jobs for every make and model. Every talent is useful to the military. Making young adult serve in the military for two years would actually give them time to figure out what their future career is meant to be. Some people cannot ever be satisfied, and would object to anything! On the contrary, decisions that have the abundance of benefits as mandating service for young adults should be instated immediately! The third major gratuity of mandating the service of young adults is mainly for the benefit of the military itself and the United States. The variable of manpower in a war is not always the deciding factor. However, it would not hurt to have a couple of hundred thousand extra people at a countries disposal. This must look awful from an ordinary citizen’s point of view. Then there is this question; would you rather lose a fraction of the population, or the whole country? Not to mention the possible enslavement as a conquered people; treated as subhuman and having their rights ripped from their grasp. Nobody in any country would want that outcome to occur in their country. As people look back in history, they discover and marvel at the battle of Thermopylae. How did such an untrained military defeat the most strict, handpicked, elite group of warriors? The answer is oblivious! It was an estimated three hundred thousand Persian warriors against three hundred Spartan soldiers. This is why the United States needs to mandate young adults to serve two years in the military. So that not only will we have a superior military in tactics, and education, we will also have the overwhelming power of numbers. As always, people do not have to go too far before they find a person who disagrees, and thinks everyone should have the choice of whether to serve their country. Their main argument with this is that they say it violates the constitution. However, this would not be the first time that the United States has done something like this. They drafted people during the Vietnam War. People also argue that it will decrease the honor of veterans who would serve regardless of a draft. On the contrary, people gain honor through what they actually accomplish, not what they think about accomplishing. This policy should be discussed in government as soon as possible if it is not already being heavily debated. The government, along with the citizens of the United States backing the mandate, would create the most powerful nation to ever face the earth. With the benefits listed and discussed above, the decision is easier than deciding where to each lunch. So why has the United States not already signed it off their agendas and began the process of creating a more powerful, unstoppable United States? How to cite Mandatory Military Service Essay, Essay examples

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Working Capital Management

Question: Discuss about theWorking Capital Management. Answer: Introduction The business requires funds to operate and the money that is available to the business for its day-to-day operation is termed as working capital. It is also expressed as surplus of current assets in excess of the current liability. The process of managing the immediate assets and liabilities so that the business could maintain adequate working capital is called working capital management (Hill 2013). In this report, a discussion is made about the working capital and its relation with the companys growth and profitability. Objectives of Managing Working Capital The management of working capital serves various objectives that are given below: The working capital management guarantees that the businesses have adequate resources so that it can smoothly perform its day-to-day operations. The primary aim of managing the working capital is the reduction in the cost of capital. The working capital is managed with the objective of maximizing the return on investment in the current assets (Corelli 2016). Importance of Managing Working Capital The Working Capital Management is extremely significant for any business because it provides numerous advantages to the business. These are given below: It helps the business to achieve higher return on capital employed by reducing the capital required; The working capital management will help the business to discharge its short term liability on time therefore improving its solvency and credit profile (Ding et al. 2013). The management of working capital helps the business to allocate its resources effectively thereby improving the cash management. The efficient management of working capital helps to increase the free cash flow and this causes higher business valuation. The work capital managed effectively places the business in a better position to handle any crisis. The working capital management gives the business competitive edge over its competitors. Nature and Purpose The working capital includes the management of liabilities and assets that are of short term in nature. The main purpose of managing the working capital is to ensure that the businesses have sufficient working capital so that it can remain liquid but ensure that the business does not have excess liquidity so that the profit is not adversely affected (Sarkar 2015). Elements The working capital has two broad elements the current assets and the current liability. The current assets are referred to those assets that will be changed in to cash within a single year in the normal course of business activity. Examples are inventory, debtors, cash etc. The other element is the current liability and it includes those liabilities that the company will have to discharge within one year. Examples are creditors, short term loan etc. The process of managing these elements of the working capital is termed as working capital management (Akoto et al. 2013). Relationship Between the WCM and Profitability/ Growth of the Company The issues pertaining to the working capital management has been widely discussed in the literature and the academics over a long period. In this, section of the report the existing literatures are discussed so that the association between the profitability and growth of the company with the efficiency of the working capital. In the studies conducted by the Shin and Soenen in 1998 it was found that proficient working capital management is essential for generating value for the shareholders wealth. In the study, the connection between the profitability and the net trade cycle was investigated by using the procedure of correlation and regression analysis. The study was conducted during 1975 to 1994 on 58985 businesses and it was established that the relationship between the profitability and the net trade cycle is negative. That means if the net trade cycle of the business increases than profit decreases and vice versa (Napompech 2012). The cash conversion cycle was utilized as the indicator of liquidity for the Greek food industry in the study conducted by the Lyroudi and Lazardis in 2000. The study was conducted to understand the correlation between the cash conversion cycle with the current and quick ratios. The impact that the cash conversion cycle had on the profitability based on scale of operation of the company was also analyzed in the study. It was concluded that relationship between the cash conversion cycle and the current ratios and quick ratios is positive. On the other hand the debt to equity ratio has negative relationship with the liquidity ratio and it was found that there no major difference in the liquidity ratio of the large and small business (Aktas et al. 2015). In 2003, Deloof studies the relationship among the working capital management and the corporate profitability. In this study, the sample was 1009 non-financial Belgian companies between 1992 and 1996. The result of the study showed that companies could enhance their profitability by curtailing the number of days of inventories and account receivables (Jagongo, A.O. and Makori 2013). Eljelly conducted an experimental study in 2004 to examine the connection between the liquidity and the profitability by using the current ratios and cash gaps. The study was conducted on a sample of corporation from Saudi Arabia by using the technique of correlation and regression analysis. The study found that the relationship between the profitability and the liquidity level of the company is negative (Russo 2013). Ganesan analyzed the connection linking the efficiency of the management of working capital and the profitability by means of the correlation and regression analysis in 2007. The study used ANOVA analysis to understand the relationship between the working capital management and profitability (Ogundipe et al. 2012). On the 443 financial statement of the telecommunication company during the year 2001 to 2007, the study was conducted. It was concluded that the working capital is inversely related to the profitability and it was also found that the telecommunication companies does not have much impact on the profitability of the equipment companies. In 2007, Rehman and Nasar conducted a study on 94 companies scheduled in Karachi stock exchange. The study was conducted to find the affect that the working capital has on the ability of the company to make profit. In the study, the variables that were used are company size, debt ratio, current ratio, net operating profit and cash conversion cycle (Gill and Biger 2013). The control variable that was used in the study was Financial Asset to Total Asset Ratio and the procedures that were applied are Pearson correlation and regression analysis. The study established that there is an opposite link between the profit making ability of the company and the elements of the cash conversion cycle. Therefore, it can be concluded that the study shows that by reducing the cash conversion cycle the wealth of the shareholders could be increased. In 2010, a study was conducted by koperthuvi to establish the connection among the management of working capital and the companys management. The studies were conducted on the manufacturing companies of the Sri Lanka. It was concluded that the appropriate administration of working capital has influence on the ability of the company to make profit and it was found that profitability decreases if the cash conversion cycle increases (Martin 2016). There was another study conducted in Sri Lanka by Lingenesiya and Nalini in 2011. On conclusion it can be said that there is an inverse relationship between the Cash conversion cycle and profitability. Factors Affecting the Elements of Working Capital The elements of working capital are the current assets and current liabilities that have been discussed earlier in the report. The elements of working capital are affected by various factors and while managing the working capital these factors should be considered (Ahmad and Bano 2015). The discussion relating to these factors are given below: The working capital is depended on the nature of the business. If the business is engaged in manufacturing then the requirement of working capital is more than those businesses engaged in trading and service providing. The scale of operation of the business also affects the component of the working capital. This means that the elements of the working capital are affected by the size of the business (Riaz et al. 2014). The elements of the working capital are affected by the cycle of the business. The seasonal factor also affects the different elements of the working capital. The more working capital is required by the business during the season than in the off-season. The elements of the working capital are affected by the factor of production cycle. The policy of allowing credit to the customer affects the elements of the working capital. The business that provides credit facility to the customer will require more working capital than the business that does not provide credit facility. The different elements of the working capital are affected by the operating efficiency of the business. The business with high efficiency requires less working capital than the business with low efficiency (Mungai 2013). The growth prospective also influences the elements of the working capital. The company that has high growth prospective will require more working capital. The level of competition also acts as a factor and affects the elements of the working capital. The inflation is another important factor that influences the element of working capital. Analysis of the MSM Listed Companies In this section of the report three companies of different sectors that are listed in Muscat Stock Market is chosen for identifying and calculating the working capital. The three broad sectors of MSM are financial sector, industry sector and service sector. The company that is chosen from the financial sector is Bank Muscat. The Al Jajera Steel Products Company is chosen from the Industry sector and Oman Hotels and tourism is selected from the service sector (Arshad, Z. and Gondal 2013). The calculations of the working capital of the companies are given below: Statement showing Working capital for the year ended 2015 Particulars Bank Muscat Al Jajera Steel products company Oman Hotels and Tourism Company Sectors Financial Industry Service Current Assets Inventories 0.00 11143590.00 63919.00 Trade and other receivables 8321706.00 1773923.00 546371.00 Financial assets at fair value 0.00 0.000 162965.00 Cash and Bank 2412052.00 2887186.00 579730.00 other assets 168020.00 Total Current Assets (A) 10901778.00 15804699.00 1352985.00 Current Liability Borrowings 10223011.00 11289738.00 0.00 Trade and other payable 0.00 2414944.00 0.00 Income Tax Payable 28570.00 247904.00 0.00 Total Current Liability 10251581.00 13952586.00 0.00 Working Capital (B) 650197.00 1852113.00 1352985.00 Fig 1: Chart showing comparative Working Capital The calculation and the figure show that the working capital of the Al Jajera Steel Company is the highest at RO 1852113.00. The company that belongs to the industry sector has higher working capital than the other two sectors. This analysis of the companies of the three sectors has proved that the working capital is dependent on the nature of the business as discussed earlier in the report. Conclusion The report has examined the association between the working capital with the business profitability. Based on this analysis the conclusion that can be drawn is that the working capital has negative relationship with the profitability of the business. An analysis was also conducted on the companies that are listed on the MSM of different sectors to identify the working capital. On the analysis, it has been found that cash and bank balance, as percentage of working capital for the Bank Muscat is 371%, for Al Jajera steel Products Company is 156% and the Oman Hotels and tourism company 43%. In an average cash and bank balance forms 190% of the working capital it shows that the companies in Oman invest cash in working capital. Therefore it can be said that the working capital is managed in a manner that it might have a negative impact on the profit making ability of the organization. References Ahmad, A. and Bano, S., 2015. Working Capital Management Matters Profitability of Textile Sector: With GLS Model.International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research,3(11), pp.543-549. Akoto, R.K., Awunyo-Vitor, D. and Angmor, P.L., 2013. Working capital management and profitability: Evidence from Ghanaian listed manufacturing firms.Journal of economics and International Finance,5(9), p.373. Aktas, N., Croci, E. and Petmezas, D., 2015. Is working capital management value-enhancing? Evidence from firm performance and investments.Journal of Corporate Finance,30, pp.98-113. Arshad, Z. and Gondal, M.Y., 2013. Impact of working capital management on profitability a case of the Pakistan cement industry.Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business,5(2), pp.384-390. Corelli, A., 2016. Working Capital Management. InAnalytical Corporate Finance(pp. 351-378). Springer International Publishing. Ding, S., Guariglia, A. and Knight, J., 2013. Investment and financing constraints in China: does working capital management make a difference?.Journal of Banking Finance,37(5), pp.1490-1507. Gill, A.S. and Biger, N., 2013. The impact of corporate governance on working capital management efficiency of American manufacturing firms.Managerial Finance,39(2), pp.116-132. Hill, R.A., 2013. Working Capital Management. Jagongo, A.O. and Makori, D.M., 2013. Working Capital Management and Firm Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Manufacturing and Construction Firms Listed on Nairobi S ecurities Exchange, Kenya. Martin, N., 2016. Working capital management: implementation of integrated inventory management solutions for raw materials. Mungai, J.M., 2013.The relationship between working capital management and financial perfomance of private Hospitals in kenya(Doctoral dissertation, University of Nairobi). Napompech, K., 2012. Effects of Working Capital Management on theProfitability of Thai Listed Firms.International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance,3(3), p.227. Ogundipe, S.E., Idowu, A. and Ogundipe, L.O., 2012. Working capital management, firms performance and market valuation in Nigeria.World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology,61(1), pp.1196-1200. Riaz, Z., Ahmad, N. and Iqbal, N., 2014. The relationship between working capital management and profitability: Evidence from Pakistan.International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, (20), pp.14-25. Russo, J.F.T.B., 2013. The working capital management: the determinants and the effect on profitability: evidence from portuguese smes. Sarkar, S.N., 2015. Analysis of profitability crisis and working capital management in some selected public sector undertakings under the ownership and control of the state government of West Bengal.

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Discussion/ Analysis Question Samples from Indige Essays - Rhetoric

Discussion/ Analysis Question: Samples from Indigenous Orators Red Eagle William Weatherford of the Creek acceptance of his fate as a captive soldier while mourning for the misfortune of his nation. He believes that there no way of saving his people unless they are willing to step down to negotiate and save the last remnant of their country and he is willing to enforce this. He creates a persona of defeated warrior while still keeping his pride and beliefs intact. Stating his speech with confidence, he is able to show how though he fights the reasons he believes in which is deserving of respect in all cultures. He is also showing to be reasonable while accepting his nation's fate and always having its best interest at heart. Tone words such as "power" shows the acknowledgement of power and position. "Obedience" was another word that has a harsh connotation of obeying without having a choice, which is the case with him. Joseph Brant (Thayendanega) Joseph Brant Annotate Spotted Tail For his empathy techniques, he uses "My fellow" which creates an ingroup bias with the audience he is talking to. He repeats this over and over again throughout the speech to validate that they are in the same group, have the same values and care about the same things. He uses the Rogerian model when he tries to seek common ground between the group that he is talking to and his own group. For example he talks about the fact that both group, "have the thoughts and desires in that respect that the white people have. The thesis of this speech comes at the very end, when he states, "When people come to trouble it is better for both parties to come together without arms, to talk it over, and find some peaceful way to settle." He uses ethos to create a common group between the two opposing sides. Keokuk He uses empathy techniques such as creating a common group with his audience. He also relates to his audiences by showing concern and care for them. Using language such as "half our country is at war," he makes it more an an urgent subject. His use of empathy was extremely effective at communicating that he is a person that they can trust and and empathize, making his opinions seem more legitimate and pronounce. Another technique he uses is speaking to ethos. He makes examples such as the different ways they have lied and cheated, showing how the actions of the other party is not ethical. He also says how he tried to make peace with them but they are not willing to listen. He also appeals to pathos by tell the audience stories about his experiences, working with the other party. He says how they killed his close friend and how they say they are good men while lying and cheating. The tone he uses communicates the dire situation using harsh words such as "revenge" and "falsehoo d. He positions himself as a person who is willing to take action and require help to do so. He positions as a leader by asserting confidences in his words and actions. He uses words such as, "I" and "you" to show his dominance and position in the situation. This creates an emotional barrier between his audience and himself. He uses the words "they" while referring to his opponent with disdain, making it seem like if his audience didn't agree with him, they would become the people he disliked too. Compared to Stephen Harper's speech, Keokuk gets to the point quickly and effectively. It has a huge difference in tone. One was an apologetic tone with Stephen Harper explaining and acknowledging all the wrong the government has done to the people. There was not much of an emotional appeal. The other one was about accusing and attacking all the wrong the white people did and why they needed to be dealt with. Keokuk was able to deliver a much more impactful speech to his audience than Stephen Harper because of these differences. He used much more pathos and told stories of the wrongs they have done to him and his people. Chief Joseph Vine Deloria In Chief

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The effect of management practices on firm performance.

The effect of management practices on firm performance. Organizations have strategies to ensure attainment of their goals become a fundamental idea for all employed in the organization. This takes sacrifice from several people in dedicating their efforts to attain the target. Managerial role is in fact a pivotal aspect that makes this dream possible. These personnel are the driving force that stresses the need of everyone adopting to the firm’s objectives and policies. Their take in this role will go well if they institute measures in line with the business.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The effect of management practices on firm performance. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Their subordinate staffs must also be in unison with their role to help them implement these measures. In most cases, the firm may experience ups and downs because of resistance from a few senior staffs with different ideas. Therefore, it will call for the need to reach a consensus (Laszlo L aszlo, 2002). This must take into account every employees’ role in the firm’s output. Ignoring ideas from the lower ranks of staffs would send some signals, which make the process a difficult one. As managers look forward to reaching their goals, they would need to strictly implement their role in the firm, while at the same time abiding to the organization’s objectives and policies (Kubiszyn Borich, 2009). In this context it is necessary to address five main managerial roles and how they have a lasting impact on the organization if not instituted well. The first role is planning, managers have to know the desired direction the firm is focussing on, this will help formulate tangible policies in advance in line with needed changes (Laszlo Laszlo, 2002). Planning defines the future outcome and the firm’s growth in terms of turnover rates, financial gains, manpower, and other prospects. The planning method instituted must therefore, predicts the business c ore functions to be reliable. A reliable prospect is likely to bring change in all facets within the organization endeavours (Rocha Tordera, 2008). This must align with the company’s mission statement and core values to ensure smooth flow of operations. Managers would be tasked with ensuring their plans are genuine and do not contradict the business purpose. To achieve this it would be essential to have general and specific approaches that define the stages of chore implementation to avoid chaotic operations. This ensures every stakeholder attains the set target timely. Sound planning would yield tangible results at the end of specified period if properly implemented. This should be the basis of planning for the next financial year. But sometimes the company may decide to overhaul the initial plans if the management realises the process does not bringing anticipated returns (Marques Simon, 2006).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we c an help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Secondly, organization in any business setting is a pivotal aspect that helps the firm attain its goals and objectives. This is the cornerstone in the sense that it ensures the workforce aligns to specific chores and strives to attain assignments as specified. Organization of workforce in line with the firm’s policies protects the welfare of both parties; this ensures a reliable process that is accountable and free from mismanagement. A good organizational skill in a managerial post suffices in making the personnel contribute immensely (Kubiszyn Borich, 2009). Assignment of activities to the workforce would consider factors like ability in the capacity, experience, and individual qualifications. Managements need to grasp these basic issues to enable them run organizations profitably. Recruitment of the right people for a given chore should be in the firm’s policy, their method of hiring should a lso help organize the institution to achieve its objectives. Many organized firms have measures that evaluate their human resource in terms of performance and attainment of specific targets within dockets. This provides them with alternatives like holding refresher courses and workshops to keep them updated on their chores; others have schemes of rewarding the best performers. The approach has an impact of boosting working morale, which translates in high profits (Marques Simon, 2006). Thirdly, commanding the employees in a sober manner makes them realise the importance of attaining the firm’s mission and this would help in moving everyone forward. This function may not go well with every stakeholder in the firm, but it is crucial in instilling a working culture, which translates into good returns. Supervisory skills help these personnel attain their duties without sending negative omens. These must be in accordance with the policies and objectives to make everyone comprehen d the necessity of doing that. In certain instances, inspiration is possible through clever commanding method. One can make the approach in a way that it would inspire workers to respond positively in realising the set target. This should help restore sanity especially if a department fails to maintain the standards it ought to attain. Unlike planning and organization, this managerial function can undergo neither overhaul nor reinstitution; it therefore, depends on signals of poor workmanship. Commanding would not apply in most cases because responses come from specific signal as stated above but it does help to ensure completion of the right chores within a specified duration (Rocha Tordera, 2008).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The effect of management practices on firm performance. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fourthly, coordination links the first three functions to bring order within the firm. Managers sh ould ensure coordination of entire duties is prompt for effective implementation. This ensures those concerned identify with specific roles and thus embark on appropriate measures of tackling them. When planning, the most vital aspect is attainment of the project mission (Rocha Tordera, 2008). This largely depends on good coordination of human resources. To attain this, manager will have to be knowledgeable in all areas of importance and deploy skilled personnel to those dockets (Laszlo Laszlo, 2002). Reviewing of each section’s performance would also help in coordination because this draws attention to a segment that lags behind and recommends institution of new force to take the mantle burning. Therefore, evaluation of output and turnover helps in identifying measures that needs institution and implementation before carrying out coordination to restore the projected plan. Finally, controlling business activities is the other managerial function. This is the main role that the previous four functions would hardly attain core values without it. Strategies laid in the initial stages need evaluation and scrutiny to enable relevant authorities take a bold step in controlling the business empire back in track. Deviation of reports from projected outcome will need examination of possible causes and coming up with models to help restore the process. Analyst will provide recommendations to the executives who eventually channel their advices to managers to take decisive steps in controlling the firm’s activities back on track. In most instances control of functions would be in line with the company’s objectives. This provides harmony across various business sections under control. In scenarios where there is no institution of these five functions the organization would fail to realise its mandate. The aftermath would be low turnover and financial loss (Marques Simon, 2006). References Kubiszyn, T., Borich, D.G. (2009). Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom Application and Practice (9th ed.). New York: John Wiley Sons.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Laszlo, K.C., Laszlo, A. (2002). Evolving knowledge development: The role knowledge management in a changing world. Journal of Knowledge Management, 6(4), 400-412. Marques, D.P., Simon, F.J. (2006). The effect of knowledge management practices on firm performance. Journal of Knowledge Management, 10(3), 143-156. Rocha, F.S., Cardoso, L., Tordera, N. (2008). The importance of Organizational Commitment to Knowledge Management. Comportamento Organizacional E Gestao, 14(2), 211-232. Web.

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Law - Finance and Investment Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Law - Finance and Investment Law - Essay Example In the United Kingdom, there was a survey which was conducted by the insurance industry. The results showed that the UK annually loses  £85 billion every year, and more than half of this amount is related to drugs. However, there are a number of laws in the UK which can prevent the occurrence of money-laundering. One of the important obligations that a British citizen has, is to report a case of money laundering if he or she is aware of that. If the person doesn’t make a report however, he or she may have to spend fourteen years in prison. The Authority of the House of Lords (2009, p.8) states ‘Money laundering involves the following stages, which may overlap: Placement stage: where cash derived directly from criminal activity (for example, from sales of drugs) is either placed in a financial institution or used to purchase an asset; Layering stage: the stage at which there is the first attempt at concealment or disguise of the source of the ownership of the funds; Integration stage: the stage at which the money is integrated into the legitimate economic and financial system and is assimilated with all other assets in the system.’ In essence, money-laundering is the process through which illegal money obtained from means such as drug trafficking, prostitution and extortion is forced through a cycle which eventually makes that same money appear as if it was obtained through legal means. It’s extremely difficult of putting a perfect value of money-laundering. The International Monetary Fund of the IM F estimates that the money-laundering industry worldwide is worth about one trillion U.S. dollars per year. This amount is 3% of the world’s aggregate gross domestic product. The Authority of the House of Lords (2009, p. 27) states ‘The major exception in international practice to the default position, mandated by the UN